People first leader, technologist, and indie hacker.

I’m Max, a people first engineering leader and indie hacker based in San Francisco. I write about engineering leadership, technology, and the indie hacking community.

Data for Decisions

Data is a powerful tool that can have an outsize impact on how we develop products and operate our businesses. That said, the value of data is rarely the data itself but instead the insights we derive from it. In order to ensure these insights are meaningful and impactful it's important to ask the right questions.

Delivering Value with Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering offers a unique value prop to engineering orgs by focusing its attention on the holistic system. This in contrast to and in direct support of teams which focus on a narrower domain. In doing so, platform teams elevate and accelerate the work of their peers and drive exceptional business value.

A Framework for Prioritizing Tech Debt

Leverage is a powerful tool that applies to many things, including the code we write. However, tech debt like all leverage, comes with interest payments. How do we know when to start spending bandwidth on addressing it? We'll look at a framework that can help us ensure we don't reach a point of insolvency with our codebase.

Grow In Public

There's a secret when it comes optimizing growth: it's about doing our work in public. But there are barriers that can make this difficult or even impossible. Here's how we build a culture that enables building in public.

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